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What’s in a name? “Azza” was a spark of inspiration from our co-founder Chris’s mom, an enthusiastic champion of our functional mushroom + herb blends since their conception. Why Azza? “It just makes me happy,” she said. And that was that. We were Azza. 

While we can’t define to you exactly what Azza means, we like to think of our little Azza moments as ones of clarity, calm, and the infinite capacity for joy. In sharing plant medicines, we hope to invite others to feel as many Azza moments as possible.

Woman outside head up
Woman outside head up
Mature couple

We believe that aging is a gift, albeit one that not everyone is prepared to receive. Hot flashes, brain fog, sleep disruption, changes in health…the list of changes our bodies go through is long and unique to every person.


But it shouldn’t be without support. Azza wants to help make “mycotherapy” (the use of mushroom extracts) more mainstream because we’ve experienced the supportive and healing properties of our little fungi friends.

We believe that anybody–regardless of gender–should have access to natural aids in the normal ritual that is getting older.

What We Believe

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