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Exist in the Moment

Azza is rethinking the way we live, work, and relax by harnessing the power of medicinal plants. Whether you’re looking to break out of negative thought patterns, rejuvenate your routine, or simply refresh the way you take care of yourself, our Microdose Mushroom Blend is formulated to help you be your best self and take on whatever comes your way.

Azza Collective Capsules

How to Dose

The Azza Mushroom Blend is an illuminator, meaning it will serve you based on the greatest needs of the moment. Here are instructions to achieve the best results.


Choose your intention, purpose or why as a guiding direction for your journey.


Select your medicine.


Find the dose that best works for you. Start low and slow. If you are new to microdosing, try a 1/2 capsule for 4 days then increase to full capsule.


The schedule we recommend is weekdays on, weekends off. Cycle on for 90 days and off for 30 days.


Journal daily to track & reflect.


Create time to acknowledge & give thanks.

functional mushrooms

Find Your Clarity

We provide a few options for enhancing your day and experience. Using only 100% U.S. - cultivated, dried fruiting body mushrooms, we've created a convenient microdose capsule and delicious chocolate bar for daily use.

The Azza Community

At Azza, we are a part of the movement reimagining wellness. Follow the link below to access our *Membership & Education portal, where you can learn more about the benefits of mushroom blends and beyond.

*Must submit order form to gain access.


Our Products

We’re not re-inventing the wheel at Azza. We’re harnessing the innumerable benefits of plant medicines to help people take on their day and rethink self-care. Our Microdose Mushroom Blend has zero psychoactive effects, and was crafted to enhance your clarity so you can tackle whatever is on your docket.

Azza Collective Functional Mushrooms

Capsule Jar

Our most popular offering.

30 capsules, 300mg per capsule.

(100mg per capsule also available)

Azza Collective Functional Mushroom Capsules

Capsule Tin

Small, stylish & convenient.

6 on-the-go capsules.

Azza Collective Functional Mushroom Chocolate

Chocolate Bar

Our tastiest offering.

24 delicious squares, 250mg each.

Our Story

The name Azza came from the mind of our cofounder's mom, an enthusiastic microdose capsule consumer. Why this name, you ask? She just said, “it makes me happy,” and that was that.

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