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The Psilly Side of Plants

There are also many benefits to plant medicine! To explore more of what plants have to offer, download the Azza app and try our 30-Day Microdosing Ritual framework that helps you intentionally focus on your wellbeing through the medicine of your choosing. The Azza app offers 30 days of reflection prompts, informative blogs, educational links, and an active online community where you can learn, connect, and share as you begin a focused month of introspection.

The daily journaling function helps you easily record your emotions and experiences throughout your microdosing journey. By maintaining a log, you can identify patterns, observe progress, and make necessary adjustments to your life and mindset. You can share your thoughts with the supportive Azza community in the app’s social tab. 

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Man in the woods
Azza 30-Day Microdose Ritual App
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