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30 Day Microdose Ritual

  • 30Steps


Azza helps you unlock the personal benefits of microdosing in a supportive online space. Chart a course for your personal growth in our user-friendly app, with prompts for each step and a social forum to reflect on your progress and connect with others about your experience. Our 30-Day Microdosing Ritual framework helps you intentionally focus on your wellbeing through the medicine of your choosing. The Azza app offers informative blogs, educational links, and an active online community where you can learn, connect, and share as you begin a focused month of introspection. The daily journaling function helps you easily record your emotions and experiences throughout your microdosing journey. By maintaining a log, you can identify patterns, observe progress, and make necessary adjustments to your life and mindset. You can share your thoughts with the supportive Azza community in the app’s social tab. Whether you’re looking to boost your creativity, break out of a productivity rut, or alleviate symptoms of anxiety or depression, Azza is here to support you on your new path to wellness!

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