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Microdosing: Books, Studies, and Journals

Welcome to Azza's comprehensive list of resources, including books, studies, and journals, to help you explore the world of microdosing and its potential benefits. These references cover a wide range of topics related to microdosing psychedelics, personality, mental health, creativity, and more.


1. The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide by James Fadiman

- Delve into the world of psychedelic microdosing and gain insights from a pioneer in the field.

Studies and Journals

1. Psychedelic Microdosing Benefits and Challenges: An Empirical Codebook

- Authors: Anderson T, Petranker R, Christopher A, Rosenbaum D, Weissman C, Dinh-Williams, Hui K, Hapke E

- Read this study in the Harm Reduction Journal to understand the benefits and challenges of microdosing psychedelics.

2. Microdosing Psychedelics: Personality, Mental Health, and Creativity Differences in Microdosers

- Authors: Anderson T, Petranker R, Rosenbaum D, Weissman C, Dinh-Williams L, Hui K, Hapke E, Farb N

- Explore the relationship between microdosing and personality, mental health, and creativity.

3. A Theory of Rational Addiction

- Authors: Becker GS, Murphy KM

- Dive into the theory of rational addiction, which has implications for substance use.

4. Acute Subjective and Behavioral Effects of Microdoses of LSD in Healthy Human Volunteers

- Authors: Bershad AK, Schepers ST, Bremmer MP, Lee R, de Wit H

- Learn about the subjective and behavioral effects of microdoses of LSD.

5. Psilocybin with Psychological Support for Treatment-Resistant Depression: Six-Month Follow-Up

- Authors: Carhart-Harris RL, Bolstridgem M, Day CMJ, Rucker J, Watts R, Erritzoe DE, Nutt DJ

- Explore the use of psilocybin in the treatment of treatment-resistant depression.

6. The Therapeutic Potential of Psychedelic Drugs: Past, Present, and Future

- Authors: Carhart-Harris R, Goodwin G

- Gain insights into the therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs.

7. User Perceptions of the Benefits and Harms of Hallucinogenic Drug Use: A Web-Based Questionnaire Study

- Authors: Carhart-Harris R, Nutt D

- Explore user perceptions of the benefits and harms of hallucinogenic drug use.

8. The Challenge of Defining Wellbeing

- Authors: Dodge R, Daly A, Huyton J, Sanders L

- Delve into the complexities of defining wellbeing.

9. Motives and Side-Effects of Microdosing with Psychedelics Among Users

- Authors: Hutten NR, Mason NL, Dolder PC, Kuypers KP

- Explore the motives and side-effects of microdosing with psychedelics.

10. Self-Rated Effectiveness of Microdosing with Psychedelics for Mental and Physical Health Problems Amongst Microdosers

- Authors: Hutten NR, Mason NL, Dolder PC, Kuypers KP

- Discover the self-rated effectiveness of microdosing for mental and physical health problems.

This list of resources is designed to provide you with valuable information on microdosing and related topics. Remember to exercise caution, conduct further research, and comply with local laws and regulations when exploring these subjects.

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